Organic Artisan Sourdough Bread and Pastries

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Certified Organic Ingredients

All of our sourdough breads, pastries & scones are handcrafted by our dedicated team of bakers using only the finest certified organic ingredients; Stoneground Flour and Butter from the Netherlands, Pears & additive-free Chocolate from France, Spanish Whole Almonds and the very best Irish Farm Eggs & Milk.
Our naturally fermented sourdough starter gives our bread its characteristic flavour.  Slowly proved for up to 36 hours to allow the dough to gently rise and create a lovely aerated crumb.

About Tartine

Our sole aim is to make the highest quality bread for everyone, every single day.

We source simple organic ingredients, and produce by hand using time honoured methods.

Simply put: This is bread the way it should be made
- better taste, better for your gut, better for your health!

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Certified Organic